School Fund-Raising Campaigns

Setup Your Fund-Raiser

Each school can use two different web addresses, one for the school hot lunch program and the second for school fundraising. This separation of the two programs ensures that your revenue is tracked correctly and allows you to have different administrators for the hot lunches and for the fund-raisers thus avoiding confusion.

The fund-raising team has their own schedules, suppliers, products, order forms and even their own account balances and optionally different payment rules. Most schools prefer to not accept PayPal for all fund-raisers so you have the flexibility with two web sites to manage the payment rules and features separately from the hot lunch program.

Single User ID for Parents

Parents register once at the primary web site, add their children and can optionally place hot lunch orders. To access the fund-raiser web site there will be a link from the "LOGIN" and "HOME" menu tabs to access the second web site and the parents same user id and password will work on the fund-raiser web site.

Customer Orders

After logging into the fund-raiser site parents can place orders using their existing children's entries or a parent can create a customer entry to place an order for relatives, friends or co-workers. Each order will have a total so that the parents can easily track the amount of money to collect from their "customers".

Order Distribution

The system will generate receipts or packing slips for each order so that you can easily distribute the orders to each family.

Accounting and Revenue

The use of a separate web site means that you can track your revenue and collections separately from the hot lunch money and ensure that all monies are assigned correctly. Each parent will have a single account but purchases and payments made on the fund-raising site are kept separate for ease of tracking.

Fund-Raising Companies

Dieleman Fundraising Sales
Dieleman Fundraising strives for the best standards of customer service and fulfilment of products in fundraising. We offer a variety of programs for spring and fall including, gift wrap and gift products, Eco-totes, Stationery, Candles, Jewellery, and our frozen food line. We will provide you with every tool to run a successful fundraiser. We offer Full colour glossy brochures with every order, student rewards program, customized packaged orders and variety of brochures you can mix and match. We will help handle your fundraiser from start to finish!

Company Mission
Now known throughout Canada as DFS Canada (for short) the company strives for the best standards of customer service and fulfilment of products in fundraising. Our goal is to stay connected to the customer and their needs.

The people behind the company
Wilma and Robert oversee all aspects of the day to day operations of the company. Ordering, shipping, the creation of new product lines, customer service and customer bookings are all important to them on a daily basis. They are proud of their reputation for providing quality products with superior customer service.

Web Site:
Purdy's Chocolates
Whether you're fundraising for your organization, sports team or social committee, or helping fundraise for kids' sports clubs or schools, we can help make your fundraiser a success. Your co-workers, clients, friends and family will know and trust Purdy's quality. Our chocolates practically sell themselves! We are here to make your fundraising campaign profitable and simple. Our Fundraising Support Team is just a call away.

Call 604-301-4495 or toll free at 1-800-661-2378, or email us at to learn how you can earn up to a 50% profit on your fundraiser by selling Purdy's chocolates.

Web Site:
The ECO Edge Company
It is The ECO Edge Company's greatest desire to hire as many people with special needs and to supply useful eco-friendly products to those who are in need of fundraising. By choosing sound products that work with the environment, we can share this with you to pass on to your community.

What's our Fundraising EDGE and how do you benefit?
  • You can make up to 50% profits or more!
  • You assist us in employing those with special needs!
  • You are sharing in a world-wide eco-friendly vision!
  • The more we do together, the healthier our surrounding environment will be!
The ECO Edge Fundraising Products

Currently The ECO Edge carries two fundraising products, X-TRECO and the Family Activity Organizer.

Web Site:

Contact us for pricing information and for access to our on-line demo.